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Greetings and welcome to Malathar's Dragons. My name is Kevin Palivec and I very much enjoy drawing Friendly and Cute Dragons. Online I'm known by the name Malathar. I hope you enjoy your visit to my web gallery. I'm sure you'll find many friendly and whimsical dragons here and who knows? Perhaps one that will follow you home! I'm available for commissions if you need. I've done many dragons for various schools, libraries and companies. If you have a need for a cute or whimsical dragon. Please feel free to contact me by following the "Contact" link above on the menu.

Again, Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy meeting my lil' dragons!!

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dragon quest for iphoneI've got my own Iphone game! DragonQuest.

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Malathar comes to the iPhone!

Malathar the dragon lives in a cave on the side of a mountain, below lies a small village and the villagers have a little factory up on the mountain side that freezes fruit for the winter.

One morning Malathar awoke to find strange shadows flying across his cave entrance.
Puzzled, he peeked out to see what was going on? BONK! A block of ice with a frozen lemon in it hit him on the head! Looking up he saw that the little factory on the hill was going crazy and frozen fruit was raining down onto his cave. As each block hit, it shattered into a flurry of icy snow that began quickly piling up! He had to do something fast before his cave got buried! What's a dragon to do?! FIRE! Yes! FIRE!! He'd blast each block with fire and melt the ice and collect some free fruit as a bonus!.

Can he keep ahead of the falling frozen fruit blocks!!

He needs your help in his Quest!!

- Cute Graphics
- Global High Scores via Open Feint
- 24 Different game Achievements
- Original catchy Music.
- Easy to Play difficult to master.

























































Several Little Dragons Standing on a line.. One fell off and then there were nine.